Besides reading through some highlights of specifications below. You can dowload our technical info here.

Electric motor

The heart of the electric Trigger is a Brushless DC motor with a max power of 3,6kW

Lithium battery

The LiFePo4 battery pack is custom made for the Arrow. It has a energy of 7.680 Wh and can be charged on board or changed with a new battery and charged separately.

Charged in 6 hours

The on-board charger can charge the battery in 6 hours. By simply connecting the charge point to the 230v wall outlet, you start charging.

45 km/h

The car actually is a scooter with three wheels. So it’s max. speed is 45km/h, it can drive where a scooter can.

Range ±100km

The battery gives a range of about 100km, which ofcourse depends on factors like weight in the car, hills but also ouside temperature.

2 seater

The Arrow is a 2-seater. The passenger sits right next to the driver so you can comunicate and have great fun togehter. 

Road legal in EU

The Arrow has a European Type approval pending and when delivered can drive on all European roads, where a scooter is allowed.

Forward and reverse

The electric motor gives another advantage over it’s petrol brother: It has a reverse!

3-point safety belts

Safety is important, so the Arrow as completely approved 3-point safety belts. This also frees you have the helmet, that is obligated without 3point safety belts.

General specifications

  • 3-wheeled scooter
  • 45 km/h
  • Range approx. 100km
  • Stability through a low center of gravity
  • Can be driven from 16 years of age
  • No onwnership taxes
  • Comfort for 2, next to each other
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple and reliable technology
  • Digital speedometer
  • Full LED lights
  • 3-points safety belts

Technical specifications

  • Full electric motor
    – Brushless DC
    – 3,6kW max
  • LiFePO4 chargable battery
    – 7.680 Wh energy
    – Can easily be removed & switched
    – Charged on-board via 230V
  • Total weight of car: 270kg
  • Chassis: Steel CNC bended frame, powdercoated
  • Doubhle wishbone suspension with custom made shock absorbers
  • Hydraulic disc brakes in front
    Mechanical disc brake in rear
  • 12″rims full cast aluminium
    Tyre 120/70-12
  • Steeringwheel on left or right hand side